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  • Name: HDPE Sand Delivery pipe
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Product Name: HDPE Sand Delivery Pipe

Material: 100% pure HDPE pellets (PE100)

Colour: Pipe is black, the pipe joint with natural rubber-lined, multicolor options for choice.

Main application: reclamation project, port construction, sand engineering, dredging and filling engineering,pump tube, sand conveying pipe.

Specification: 25mm - 1200mm 

Product features:
1.Light weight, only one-eighth of the steel pipe.
2.Connected by active flanges, intallation, dismantle and transportation are all convenient, shorten the setup time, improve efficiency.
3.Good flexiblity, tension, high interisity, elastic, pipe wall can be folded and squeeze, not easy to break after impacted by the external force.Very flexible, 4 to 8 pieces can be bent 360 degrees. On land, the concave-convex is within 30 degrees of area, can be connected drectly.
4.Smooth inner and outer wall, high resistance to wear, 4 to 8 times of steel pipe, has self-lubrication, low friction coefficient, 20%-30% higher transmission effciency than steel pipe.
5.Strong corrosion resistance, long lifetime up to 50 years in seawater or undergraound.  
6.Strong resistance to ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging ability, long lifetime is far more than steel, PVC, Nylon and common plastic pipe.
7.Patent joint, connected by active flange and bolt drectly, no need welding, ensure the pipeline no deformation, no fracture, no dripping in the long-term use process, and ensure transport efficiency.
8.The temperature is used at- 40 ℃ to 60 ℃, can adapt to low temperatures and harsh weather conditions.
9.Low engineering cost, long lifetime, high efficiency and more convenient.

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