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  • Name: (NEW) Fourth Generation Patent Joint
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Patented product: Seamless flared pipe joint with lining steel ring & natural rubber, it's our company self-developed "fourth geneation" pipe joint, is currently the exclusive patented technology. This product overcome traditional low wear resistance, low corrosion resistance, low anti-wave and easy to break on impact, maximum increasing the long lifetime, while products are highly praised by domestic and foreigh customers.

Product name: Seamless flared pipe joint with lining steel ring & natural rubber
Patent number:ZL 2013 2 0188 506.0
Product description: 1.The pipe joint used one-step molding technology, no need welding, flared pipe end, small angle change, make the joint more solid and enhance the ability on impact.
                     2.Joint Lined with steel ring, can be closely together with pipeline, enhances the ability on impact again, make the connecting interface more solid, hard to break.
                     3.Connecting interface Lined with natural rubber, replace of gasket, pipes can be connected drectly, no dripping, enhances the wear resistance and sorrosion resistance of pipe joint, increases the long lifetime.
                     4.Pipelines are connected by active flange, easy to install and dismantle, the contact serface between pipeline and flange is a bevel edge, won't damage the pipe, connection firmer, longer lifetime.   

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