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Zou Jiandong, Deputy General Manager of China's Transportation and Information Management Department

At present, the booming intellectual revolution in science and technology is profoundly affecting the world economic pattern, bringing opportunities and challenges for the reform and development of th
At present, the booming intellectual revolution in science and technology is profoundly affecting the world economic pattern, bringing opportunities and challenges for the reform and development of the entire industry. China's dredging industry is also taking a positive attitude, actively integrating into the intelligent era, and seeking digital, intelligent, networked development.
In July this year, the first China Smart Dredging and Information Technology Development Conference was held in Guangzhou, which established the core orientation of China's Dredging to build an intelligent dredging technology system, develop intelligent dredging and promote the sustainable development of China's dredging. In the column of "Intelligent Creation of New Ecology", the sub-edition of the report entitled "Integration and Innovation to Promote High Quality Development of Dredging in China by Informatization", which was made by deputy general manager of China's Ministry of Transport and Construction Processes and Informatization, Mr. Zou Jiandong, during the meeting, is taken as an excerpt. For details, please refer to the fourth issue of "China Dredging" in 2018.
Deputy general manager of China Construction and information management department
Jian Tung
The age of great change in the world
1 cross border robbery Era
In the era of Internet +, cross border looting has become a fashion. Cross-border has never been professional, and all come from another area. Sales of instant noodles by Master Kang have fallen sharply, but competitors are not White Elephant and Mailang, but are they hungry or American companies? The real competitors of China Mobile and China Unicom are not each other, but Tencent across borders; Kodak's funeral is due to cell phones and so on. In the future, reinforced concrete in the construction industry may be replaced by some special new material; in the future, the dredging industry may rob or be robbed.
2 alliance economic era
At present, many areas, many projects are cross-border, is difficult to be completed by an independent enterprise, even some giant enterprises. Foreign countries such as apple, domestic such as millet, of course, China's transportation infrastructure as a leading enterprise in many large-scale projects are also to integrate the resources of the whole society, leading everyone to achieve a win-win situation, so the concept of separation from the open, sharing, win-win enterprises in today's society will be difficult.
3 capital economy era
At present, as a driving force, capital is changing the world. People's attention is gradually shifting from the wages of market economy to the cost of capital and the return of capital. At present, the country is in the era of the integration of planned economy, market economy and capital economy, and the use of financial leverage to allocate resources is gradually becoming a society. Main stream.
4 two integration era
The core of the new round of industrial revolution is intelligent manufacturing.  German Industry 4.0, American Industrial Internet and Made in China 2025 are essentially the same as each other, all of them are in intelligent manufacturing. All countries are trying to build their own intelligent manufacturing system. Germany and the United States are trying to become the rulemakers of the industrial 4.0 era. The essence of these three national strategies is German manufacturing and American science and technology industry. The competition is also the competition of the two industrial prospects, all of which want to place the other side in the subsidiary.
The integration of the two is the concept of mutual support and integration, through which production automation, product intelligence, management refinement and industrial advancement can be realized.
Informatization status of China's dredging industry
China's dredging industry has made some achievements in the field of automation and informationization in the past 20 years. The earliest achievements can be traced back to the beginning of computer monitoring in the 1990s. The nationalization of dredger dredging integrated system was accelerated after the construction of new sea dragon and 10,000 hectares of sand in the Netherlands in the early part of this century. And a number of automatic control systems have been developed and applied, batch application in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period to build large-scale ships, effectively improving efficiency and reducing costs.
After entering the 13th Five-Year Plan, with the rapid development of the new generation of information technology, the informatization development of China's dredging industry still lags behind the development of the international dredging industry, especially the emergence and progress of the new generation of information technology such as "big clouds and objects moving intelligence", which puts forward higher requirements for the high-quality development of China's dredging industry and urgently needs new development. The development of information technology and dredging industry is deeply integrated.
Future of China's dredging industry
1 big data, cloud computing and AI
The U.S. government calls big data "the new oil of the future" the first productive force in the future, and whoever controls the flow of data can dominate the future world. Big data is at an unprecedented rate, disrupting the way people explore the world and driving convergence and separation between industries.
Examples of big data forecasting technology:
For the dredging industry, in the field of equipment construction and management, every equipment will have omnipresent sensors in the future. After interconnection, a large amount of data will be formed, and then back to the digital center, through the enterprise cloud platform, data cleaning, sorting, digging, analysis, data value-added. From the perspective of real-time performance, any equipment in the equipment is monitored in real-time, control its operation data at any time, and warn the parts of the problem or imminent problem in time; while the dredging data will be transmitted to the cloud in real-time, through the establishment of models and algorithms, through in-depth learning self-improvement, that is, through manual work. Intelligent measures are implemented to achieve maximum dredging efficiency.
In pipeline management, every pipeline in the future will be equipped with sensors and ID codes, which will become a complete intelligent pipeline. Sensors can detect pipeline wear and tear at any time, locate pipeline position in real time, and ID codes can know all kinds of technical parameters of pipeline in real time. Through the algorithm model, it can be proposed for the project. For the best pipeline layout and the most economical.