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Qi Hongshuai, associate researcher of the Third Marine Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources

On October 19, the first China International Conference on Water Environment and Eco-technology Development, Harmony with Nature, was successfully concluded in Wuhan. Around the conference, "harmony w
On October 19, the first China International Conference on Water Environment and Eco-technology Development, Harmony with Nature, was successfully concluded in Wuhan. Around the conference, "harmony with nature" this industry should be consistent with the norms of a warm and professional discussion. "Harmony with nature" requires us to have a deep understanding of the laws and abilities of nature, take advantage of the situation to guide, eliminate the disadvantages and promote the benefits, so as to maximize the value of precious natural resources circulation; requires us to adhere to and customarily use the ecological perspective, methods and measures to implement water environment ecological engineering.
During the meeting, the reporter interviewed Qi Hongshuai, deputy researcher of the Third Oceanographic Research Institute of the Ministry of Natural Resources, and asked him to talk about the current situation of beach conservation and restoration research in China.
Qi Hongshuai, associate professor of the third Institute of Oceanography, Ministry of natural resources
Dr. Qi is mainly engaged in coastal and beach processes and beach maintenance techniques. He has been responsible for and participated in more than ten state-funded projects on beach dynamic and geomorphological characteristics, research projects on beach conservation technology, beach resources conservation planning projects and international cooperation projects on beach erosion. First of all, I asked Dr. Qi to talk about the current situation of China's coastal zone.
Dr Qi said that there are many types of coasts, which can be divided into muddy coast, sandy coast, Bedrock Coast and biological coast. At present, the form of coastal zone in our country is rather severe. The state attaches great importance to this and issues the "Measures for the Protection and Utilization of Coastal Lines" and other documents, and puts forward the concept of natural coastline preservation rate. Through the statistical analysis of the data, we can find that the natural shoreline in our country is not many, less than 40%, mostly artificial shoreline, which brings a lot of ecological problems and some functional problems. Dr Qi has done a lot of research on sandy coasts. He told reporters that sandy coasts are one of the shorelines and are most vulnerable to human destruction and influence. At present, more than half of the sandy coasts in the country are being eroded and destroyed in a very serious form. There is a saying that the coast of the mainland of China is 18,000 km and the coast of the islands is 14,000 km, and the seawall is 12,000 km. It has become a "new Great Wall" of China. This is a microcosm of China's protection status quo, and it is also a problem of China's protection.
Faced with the severe coastal situation, China has adopted a series of measures.  The reporter consulted Dr. Qi about the related problems.
Dr Qi said that physical damage to the coast is mainly caused by coastal erosion. Half of the sandy coasts in China are eroded, and there are several protections against them. The most common is the construction of revetment and seawall.  Where erosion is to repair, this is also the source of our more than 10000 km seawall. After 2000, a new form of protection appeared in our country beaches conservation. Beach maintenance is essentially the restoration of natural resilience and capacity in man-made destruction through artificial compensation. Man-made destruction is usually caused by dredging, stolen mining, or a local hydrodynamic change. At present, there are more and more beach conservation in China, especially in urban areas, because it embodies the characteristics of "harmony with nature". As an excellent tourist leisure space, beach maintenance not only improves the protection function of the beach, but also enhances its social and economic value. "General Secretary Xi once stressed the importance of implementing coastal zone protection and restoration projects, building ecological seawalls and enhancing the ability to withstand typhoons, storm surges and other marine disasters. This means changing the existing hard structure of the coast, and then formulating some soft ecological restoration programs so that the coast of China as a whole can be restored. More flexible and more dynamic. "
Dredging is caused by water and is closely related to the coast. The reporter consulted Dr. Qi about the relationship between the dredging industry and coastal repair and protection.
Dr. Qi said that beach maintenance has a very interesting feature - it comes from dredging. The first beach maintenance was thrown onto the coast because the dredged material was nowhere to be put, and it turned out to be an effective way to improve coastal protection, so there was beach maintenance. In fact, beach maintenance is the stage of beach reconstruction. In operation, it is used to transport sediment from other places to a designated point, but it is material requirements, must be sandy, so coastal maintenance technology itself is an application of dredging technology.
Dr Qi was invited to give a report on the key technologies for sandy coastal restoration: research and application of beach conservation techniques. Dr Qi also expressed his views on the conference.
He said that one of the highlights of this meeting was the theme of "harmony with nature". "If we only talk about dredging, dredging technology, dredging equipment, for the sustainable development of the dredging industry is not enough, only with the ecological integration, and social education, in order to truly play the role of dredging. I have just heard some very pertinent reports from Dutch experts, and some very useful things that have been done abroad are very enlightening to me. Dredging will make great contributions to the construction of environment and ecological civilization.
To build a beautiful China and a better world is the common responsibility of the dredging industry and all of us. We hope that the large family of the dredging industry in China will have a profound understanding of the inherent ecological attributes of the dredging industry and make a positive contribution to the development of the industry and the modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.